Monday, November 21, 2005

Holiday Traditions

I am interested in everyone's holiday traditions. Any special dishes that you always make or things that you do? I had a ton in my family growing up. Nate and I have incorporated some of them into our family as well as those from Nate's family. Some we don't do. SOme we do sometimes. Some things we do new. One of the accidental traditions that I have noticed is that each year for Thanksgiving we do something different. Last year we had a luau complete with a roasted pig for Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. A couple of years ago we deep fried a couple of turkeys and some chickens. (Very tender. Also very expensive as it was difficult to find 5 gallons of peanut oil.) This year we are getting a smoked turkey and all the fixin's from Rudy's (the 'worst' BBQ in Texas). I am excited about this new tradition. I used to be shocked that people didn't do all the normal Turkey day foods. (Of course we always had to have saur kraut at our THanksgiving growing up because Grandpa and Unclo Albert loved it. That's not a normal dish I guess.) But because it is often just our little family and the missionaries, sometimes I can see why people don't go to all the trouble of cooking a big meal. Anyway, Nate usually does the turkey and stuffing. I take care of the pies. Everyone's happy.

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