Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Speaking of Aunt Joan

well, we weren't really speaking of her on this blog, but Phoebe and I were. Since the discussion of her ward's cookbook has surfaced, I dug out my copy and am a bit impressed at the variety this tome holds.

I offer the following:

UCD's Potato Salad for 200 - yes, 200 - by Audrey Fowler

30 lbs cooked potatoes, diced
2/3 CUP salt
2 tsp pepper
5 lbs celery - coarsely chopped
4 doz hard cooked eggs, coarsely chopped
1 3/4 lb onion - finely chopped (1 qt)
3 qts mayo
mustard to taste
1 pint vinegar (to taste)
1 qt pitted olives
1 can pimiento - finely chopped (optional) (i'll say)

Combine all ingredients. Chill about 3 hours to allow potatoes to absorb dressing and vinegar.

And my favorite part:
Serve with No. 8 scoop (1/2 cup)

UCD's Relish Tray for 200 - by Audrey Fowler

4-5 lbs carrots
5 bunches celery
2 #10 cans pickles (1 dill, 1 sweet)

Phoebe do you know this Audrey Fowler? I am intrigued.

Well, I must get on the treadmill now, enough of this food talk.

I will continue my perusal of The Peddlin' Gourmet.


Phoebe said...

Love Audrey. She is the best. I'll introduce you the next time you come up. When will that be? Summer of '06, perhaps?

Betsy said...

That's a lot of potato salad. What would you do with the left overs?!?

Betsy said...

I am also impressed that someone who lived in the ward so many years ago, is still there. People move so often now that it is hard to find anyone who has stayed in one place for any decent amount of time. I guess in older areas that still happens. But it seems that our ward, and the past 5 that I've been in, have been very fluid when it comes to moving in and out.

Jacob said...

Now if one were to want to adjust the recipe for a serving of 1 how would you divide 2 tsp of pepper by 200?

Bonny Brae said...

good question - maybe granularly.

There's gotta be over 200 grains of pepper in a tsp of pepper.