Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Potluck Dinner

Our freezer is not working anymore. So today for dinner we had to eat a lot of what was in there. Following is the menu from our potluck meal:

  • 2 lean cuisine dinners
  • sweet potato fries
  • mini spring rolls
  • mini quiches
  • pancakes
  • turkey stuffing
  • fruit smoothies (2 flavors!)
  • very soft ice cream sandwiches
  • assorted varieties of vegetables

The fruit smoothies were the most popular item! Tomorrow we will need to eat a lot of bread (3 different flavors), make banana bread and have sausage biscuits for breakfast. I really need to call the repair man to get him out to fix it.


Jacob and Amy said...

Wow, what a dinner. I would hate it if my freezer went out. *Knock on wood* Good luck on the rest of your food.

Bonny Brae said...

bummer about the freezer - the sweet potato fries sound good.

Betsy said...

The fridge went out today. SO I guess it's time to clean it out. I called to get a repair person out to fix it. They can't come until june 5th. Daily shopping until then I guess.

Jacob and Amy said...

Ouch. June 5th is a long time. I guess you will be at the beach for a week though so it will be nice. I will think and be jealous while you are soaking up the rays and getting a nice tan. Have fun!