Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One of the things on my list of places to go has been Austin's Farmer's Market. So last weekend we finally got there. But we only had $8 in cash and it was the end of the day so we didn't get much. We got some baby carrots and beets. We ate the carrots on the way back to the car. Can I tell you, they were soooooo sweet!! We ate most of them before we got home. Even Hazel ate them, which is highly unusual for her. Those carrots reminded me of the gardens my dad planted growing up. It makes me want to get in gear and change my lawn into a garden if it would mean eating produce that good all the time. I try to buy organic when the cost isn't too different. And most of the time I've found the better taste is worth the extra money. It's a fine example of getting what you pay for. I highly recommend it. I've actually found some canned organic produce that is good too. Del Monte makes good canned green beans (which is nice because no matter how hard I try, half of my family still dislikes fresh and/or frozen ones; so we trade off). And our grocery store's own organic brand of unsweetend applesauce is awesome. Anyway, I still am amazed at how sweet those carrots were.

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