Thursday, November 30, 2006

Perfect Party Salsa

I thought with the holidays approaching I would share a favorite recipe of mine that my Uncle Rod shared with me years ago. It is always a hit! and so easy to make!

3/4 bag frozen white sweet corn
1 can black beans ( do not drain juice)
1 bunch green onions ( chopped finely)
5-7 roma tomatoes ( chopped finely)
1 large lemon

Just chop up the ingredients, mix everything in a large bowl and then cut then squeeze the juice from the lemon over the mixture and mix thoroughly! Serve with corn chips. It is very yummy and fresh! I like the Tostitos brand that are called Scoops ( they come in regular or baked, I especially love the baked ones!)

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alice said...

Daisy told me to add the juice of a lime and that added a nice twist.